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Since 1991, History of Chemrich Corporation

The great effort & challenge of Chemrich for future has continued since the establishment in 1991. It will be lasted ceaselessly.

  1. 2015New President Inaugurated
  2. 2012selected as the outstanding business company by Industrial Bank of Korea
  3. 2011build the new plant and relocation of warehouse at Eumsung Chungbuk
  4. 2010founded ‘Chemrich Company’
  5. 2008Changed ‘Chemrich Corporation’-merged ‘chemrich Company’; (#307-9, Namseoul B/D 6F, Yangjae-Dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul)
  6. 2007founded Yangsan Office (chorim-Dong, Busan) selected  as a qualitified company by KB bank
  7. 2005Agency contract with BYK-Cera[Netherland]
  8. 2004selected as a outstanding small and medium enterprise by first  bank
  9. 2001open Homepage (serve the Data sheet, MSDS) http://www.chemrich.co.kr changed Head Office location completed warehouse (Ohpo-Eub, Kwangju-City, Kyungki-Do) acquried business credit rating AA(Korea credit guarantee fund)
  10. 2000Agency contract with SACHTLEBEN( TiO2, former, Kemira Pigment  Ov)
  11. 1999changed Yangsan Office location & completed new logistic center in Yangsan Build the comkbined computer networks between head & branch
  12. 1994Agency contract with Wacker (Fumed Silica)
  13. 1993selected as a management innovation small and medium enterprise
  14. 1991laboratory was approved from Korea Industrial Technology association